An experienced IT Professional with over 30 years hands-on commercial experience gained working in a successful local entrepreneurial business.

Over the years I have worked with many computer environments. From Amstrad PCW 8256’s desktop computers and Burrough’s B930 mainframes. We then moved to 386 servers running SCO Xenix, before upgrading to 486’s running SCO UNIX. In parallel with the UNIX application servers, we ran Novell Netware for file and print sharing. A migration to Windows NT4 was inevitable and at one point we had over 50 physical servers before virtualisation using VMWare came to our rescue. The final stage, to align with strategy was migrating many of the servers from internal virtual to private cloud environments – which was achieved within demanding time and financial constraints.

I have set up wireless networks in large office and factory sites as well as home environments. I created guest networks at several sites to provide internet access but shield sensitive information from prying eyes.

Using my experience, I aim to deliver robust solutions at value for money prices. In line with current thinking, recycling or purchasing previously owned equipment can deliver huge benefit at greatly reduced costs.

I am always keen to meet people to discuss their requirements and see if I can help, whether it be with the purchase of one laptop or a full strategic review of your business. If this is of interest to you, please contact me.

Dave Turnbull