Which antivirus solution do you recommend?

People often ask me what is the best Antivirus software for them to run? Because of this, I decided to create this short article.

Firstly, I say a product that is up-to date! After that I explain that nowadays there are more threats to your PC and Mac from spyware, adware, crapware, and the worst of all: ransomware – which are not all covered by antivirus solutions, and that’s where Malwarebytes comes in.

Malwarebytes not only protects your computer from malware but does a better job of cleaning up an infected PC or Mac than anything I have come across.

I recently spent several hours on a remote support session with an overseas user. Their laptop had become so slow that it was almost unusable.  After running the clean-up routines included in Malwarebytes, the laptop was back to normal.  The customer was so pleased, that he upgraded to the Premium version.

I believe a layered security approach is sometimes better than having all eggs in one basket. Whether you pay for antivirus software or not, I would recommend running Malwarebytes alongside it. With this combination, you will have the best protection against ransomware, infected websites, emerging threats and scams.

When it comes to free antivirus solutions, I prefer the combined Microsoft solution. This is because it doesn’t nag you to upgrade to the paid-for version which regularly happens with other free antivirus products that I have encountered.

Why not give the 14 day Free Malwarebytes Premium trial a go and if you find it useful, contact me for discounted prices.

Malware clipart
Malware clipart